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Child Safety Coloring Book (17"x11")

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Item Number: LT-SAFE

ISBN: 978-1-935266-23-5

UPC: 8 22754662354

Case Pack: 8-22754-66235-4
17" wide x 11" tall
24 pages
1 Dozen Minimum order
This book is designed by educators, police and fire officials. For years this book (17 x 11) has helped introduce parents and children to safety. Created in a laptop style format designed to flip open from the top and set on a childs lap. A colorful fun panoramic coloring book that is wider than it is tall.  The books "flip open" from the top. Twenty four (24) pages that are 17" wide and 11" tall a playful panoramic coloring view. Also included are interactive "Get Creative" pages that help promote creativity in coloring!
A different type of "safety" is drawn out on its own page. Each letter also have several pictures drawn out to help the child distinguish between each of the different kinds of safety measures and how they go through them. This book is designed by educators, police and fire officials. Designed for pre-k to grade 6, it teaches safety at school at home and at play. How to report potential problems to an adult. As as added feature this book has pages on good food habits.
Child Safety
Child Safety

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