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Being Gay Is Okay Coloring Book

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Item Number: SCB-BGIOK
ISBN: 978-1-61953-043-0
UPC: 8 22754 30430 8
Case Pack: 8-22754-30430-8
40 pages (8.5" x 11")
Including the inspiring Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards™
1 Dozen Minimum order
The " Being Gay is Okay Book" is considered controversial by some and contains information for adults, educators and older children. Subject matter in the book is appropriate, realistic and constructed truthfully with integrity and in no way encourages sexual behavior.

An innovative coloring and activity book for children, adults and educators on Gay life. Introducing the Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards™ of role models, which any child could look up to. This book is designed as an introduction to the diverse LGBT community and history. While a wide variety of subjects are covered, it is direct and inclusive, the book does not attempt certain topics of the community. Participants in making of the book were 50% LGBT members and 50% people that previously knew little about the gay community. YES, we used the word "fabulous" several times in the book, (look up the meaning) because that word, makes-people-smile. Whether people agree with the meaning of this book or not, it is nice to see a smile when discussing the topic: even when the disagreements are strong.

In the USA every 24-36 months, 500,000 to one million children begin to think or discover they may be homosexual. This book helps a family begin to understand the thoughts that have developed in the mind of an individual. The book takes a common sense approach to the subject for a family or person who wishes to further their understanding of the LGBT community. It can be used to help explain a friend, family member or a neighbor is Gay and can also be used as an anti-bullying book.

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